Vince Capone Bio


Sonar Subject Matter Expert & Instructor – Explorer & Lecturer


M.Sc., Marine Science – Minor: Exp. Statistics

B.Sc., Marine Biology – Minor: Geology

Advanced Degree Courses, West Indies Laboratory, USVI


An expert in marine technology, Vince has over 35 years of worldwide hydrographic and underwater search and survey operations experience. He is an expert in side scan sonar search operations/sonar image analysis regularly designing and conducting training seminars for the U.S. Navy, law enforcement, fire rescue, and other agencies. The US Navy and federal court system consider Mr. Capone a Level IV Subject matter expert in
side scan sonar systems and operations.

A few of his exploits include:

  • Conducting the first high-resolution multibeam survey of the San Francisco Bay shipping channel in conjunction with NOAA.
  • Assisting the US Navy and Johns Hopkins University APL in support of the MK 18 UUV program.
  • Operations manager for the search and recovery of Apollo rocket motors from over 14,000 fsw.
  • Supported the U.S. Navy supervisor of salvage with debris search operations for the space shuttle Columbia.
  • Located the previously undiscovered German U-boat U-215 with National Geographic International’s “Sea Hunters”.
  • Team member/sonar operator Batteau Below which located and surveyed America’s oldest intact warship the Lake George Radeau,
  • Located submerged hazardous waste drums as sonar operator onboard the USEPA vessel Peter W. Anderson
  • Assisted with location and recovery of a US Border Patrol drone from 4,000 fsw.

He is the author of over 34 military and commercial marine technology training videos including the Black Laser 2nd edition Not in the Manual Guide® to Sonar Image Interpretation with over 1000 copies are in worldwide circulation.

He is proficient in all types of commercial imaging sonars and most other marine technologies. He has been a sonar instructor
since the early 1990s, training military and commercial customers. Vince developed and taught the first series of sonar
training classes for the MK 18 UUV program at the Mine Warfare Training Center in San
Diego, as well as the advanced post-mission analysis (PMA) and mine identification course. He
has provided training for MDSU, UCT, NAVSEA, NSCT One, EOD IMEP, NOMWC, USEPA
and USACE.

Additionally, he has conducted training for allied forces from Israel, Estonia, Montenegro, South
Korea, Ireland, and the Solomon Islands. Vince has worked with investigators from the FBI,
EPA State Police, and Department of Justice. He has acted as a sonar expert witness and testified
in federal and state court cases.
During his career, he has located over 100 shipwrecks, including America’s oldest intact
warship, The Lake George Radeau, and the U-215 on Georges Bank for the TV show Sea
Hunters. He has conducted side scan sonar operations in as little as 4 feet of water and down to
over 11,000. Vince assisted with the search for space shuttle Columbia debris in two Texas
reservoirs. He was the operations manager for the recovery of Apollo rocket motors from over
13,000 fsw.


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