knowledgetest tgt screenBlack Laser Learning, Inc.® provides the U.S. Navy with highly refined side scan sonar image analysis training. Expertise in the military mission has been honed over many years of working cooperatively with several different military units. 

Black Laser Learning® has developed effective military side scan sonar training programs for the U.S.  Navy. Our programs distill highly technical information into easily-absorbed segments. Animations and 3D interactivity engage participants, providing a comprehensive experience which enhances retention.  The U.S. Navy proved there was a statistical difference in operator skills before and after participation in a Black Laser Learning, Inc.® training program. 

Our Military clients have included:

  • U.S. Navy SPAWAR
  • U.S. Navy Mobile Diving Units
  • U.S. Navy EOD Units
  • U.S. Navy NOMWC
  • U.S. Navy NSCT 1
  • U.S. Navy Research and Engineering Groups
  • U.S. Navy HCT One & Two
  • U.S. Navy IHMEP
  • U.S. Navy SRDRS
  • U.S. NFESC

side scan equipped remus100 broadside

 Additional Navy Approved Training Seminars:

  • Scanning Sonar Training
  • Magnetometer Training
  • Hydrographic Training
  • UUV Hydrographic Data Processing

Contact us to learn more about our programs and products or to request side scan sonar training at your location. 

Note: The Mine Countermeasures Sonar Training Programs are only available to the U.S. Navy.

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