Compelling video can communicate more information per second than than any other medium. Text and still images are limited in the information and concepts that can be quickly conveyed. Whether you're training or marketing, you need to incorporate moving interactive imagery. In the marine technology world, getting the right video is a huge expense or even impossible, which is why Black Laser Learning® has invested in animation and 3D technology. Animations and 3D imagery have propelled our training programs to the forefront of marine training industry. If you need to market a product or develop a training program, the addition of our custom animations will elevate the level of your program.

Black Laser Learning® offers expertise in marine technology combined with professional video services and Hollywood quality animations along with a proven track record.

Animations are just the base component. Black Laser Learning® can then incorporate the 3D models and animations into a comprehensive 3D, interactive computer based training program. Successful training/marketing/education requires us to not just present information but engage the participant. Animations and 3D interactivity effectively accomplish this goal.

knowledge composite webCombined with visual presentation is Black Laser Learning's® proven communication/training method. We have the expertise to take your highly technical material and translate the information into a successful program. The U.S. Navy tested operators prior to and after receiving the proprietary Black Laser Learning training and statistically proved the Black Laser method improved operators' scores.

Whether it is interpreting sonar records, flying AUV's military operations, Homeland Security or providing technical support, we can make you and your team better. We can transfer your presentations and training modules into effective and compelling interactive programs.

Interactive 3D Trainingknowledgetest tgt screen

No question the world is moving to computer-based and remote training systems. How many times have you clicked through a computer-based training program without reading the text or dozed off during a DVD? Marketing and training programs need to be compelling and while animations are a good start, interactive is better. Black Laser Learning® provides you with custom training programs on complex highly technical topics that keep your personnel from losing focus.

auv sonarThe interactive 3D programs are excellent tools for training operators on equipment. Understanding complex equipment does not require the memorization of text or terms to search by, a common hurdle for new personnel. The 3D models are clickable. Need to know about the battery compartment? Click it and all the information, including links to references appear. Need to know which circuit board that is? Click on it. A high resolution image of the board appears, along with diagrams, part numbers, common faults and installation instructions. auv repair web


All of our training and 3D programs include sophisticated animations. Whether you are explaining complex concepts which cannot be video taped or need an animation to market your latest technological achievement, Black Laser Learning® can create an animation for your needs. Whether it is a simple cartoon-like diagram tracing a ray path through a thermocline or a Hollywood-quality rendition of your newest AUV, Black Laser Learning® creates advanced animations with your budget in mind.

alligator jr wip02Using state-of-the-art hardware and software (HP XW9300 Dual Dual-core AMD Opteron 275 workstations and Autodesk's 3DS Max), detailed 3D models of shipwrecks and products can be brought to life. Once 3D models are created and the scene is assembled, it must be rendered by the computers as an animation. When rendering, the computer calculates all the elements in the scene based on a camera angle. The elements can consist of the models and animations, but also how the light, shadows, and colors bounce off each other along with reflections in metal or plastic, to the refractions in glass objects. For more realism, special effects can be added during the rendering process such as motion blur, depth of field, and light effects such as lens flares.

Ship Models

galleon test model rev04a b

The first component of a great animation is the model. All animations require a digital model of every element within scene. Black Laser Learning's® artisans are experts at creating models from scratch. Whether you have photographs or drawings we can create a model of your topic.

We have particular expertise in ship models. From the EPA ship OSV BOLD to the Atocha's Sister ship Margarita, Black Laser Learning® has developed detailed 3D models of ships from the past to the schooner pre-model01present. Three-dimensional modeling consists of creating 3D models on a computer, much like a CAD program. Points are created to represent the surface of the models and small triangles or boxes called polygons fill in the areas within these points called vertices's much like a grid, creating the surface of the 3D computer model. These models can then be used in a number of different mediums.

Textures can be mapped onto models, allowing simple 3D objects to appear with more detail for a realistic look. The 3D models can also be given physical properties such as mass for sails and ropes so that they can interact with other objects in a 3D computer scene. Just like in the real world, physical simulations can include water, wind, gravity, and particle-based effects. The 3D models can then be assembled within in a scene where lighting, shadows, and physical properties can be added with animated characters as well.galleonlightninga

Shipwreck Sites

schooner008In many cases, shipwreck sites are found in deep or murky water, making it difficult to visualize the whole wreck site. Artifacts from the area and the ship's hull can be created very accurately using 3D modeling and animation of the site to allow archaeologists and historians a way to better study, map and visualize a wreck site. Through this type of medium, visuals of sites for the general public can also help to sell books and videos or gain grants and funding to further study a site or help preserve it. By importing remote sensing data and 3D models of artifacts, the archaeologist can recreate the site as it truly exists.

Product Visualization

From Cad files to a drawing on a napkin, Black Laser Learning® can create detailed 3D models,  visuals,animations and videos. 3D modeling and animation allows us to show clients what a product looks likenose cone activebefore it's made or how it works, using cutaway views and animations.

About Black Laser Learning: Black Laser Learning® is an education company specializing in distilling complex technological subject matter into easy-to-understand training segments presented live, by DVD or computer-based interactive training formats. Clients include the U.S. Navy and Marine Law Enforcement organizations.

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