Engage Your Customers!

Static displays kill sales. You need to engage your customer. Compelling video, interactivity and portability are the new marketing paradigm. Let your customers vicariously touch, feel and explore your products, quickly and conveniently with interactive 3D marketing. Don't wade through piles of text when you can point and click.

Black Laser Learning® can deliver your product in a stunning interactive format without breaking your budget. Your customer can rotate, zoom and click to learn everything he or she needs to know about your product.

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See It - Click It - Learn!

Interactive 3D models and animations combined with documents, specifications and images can be presented on disk, thumb drive or in a web-based streaming format. No special software is required. Successful marketing requires us to not just present information but engage the participant. Animations and 3D interactivity effectively accomplish this goal.

Animations and 3D models can provide visual explanations without the expense of a film crew. Even better, we can depict what no film crew can remusfish03capture. Need to show sound waves propagating from your instrument? No problem. Need to show a deep ocean environment? Animations and models can cost-effectively communicate your vision.

Combined with visual presentation is Black Laser Learning's® proven communication/training method. We have the expertise to take your highly technical material and translate the information into a successful program. The U.S. Navy tested operators prior to and after receiving the proprietary Black Laser Learning training and statistically proved the Black Laser method improved operators' scores. Your complex products are quickly and efficiently displayed and described, all the while, your customer is controlling the experience.

Visual Navigation

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No question, the world is moving to computer-based and remote training systems. How many times have you clicked through a computer-based training program without reading the text or dozed off during a DVD? Marketing and training programs need to be compelling, and while animations are a good start, interactive is better. Black Laser Learning® provides you with custom training programs on complex highly technical topics that keep your personnel from losing focus.


The interactive 3D programs are excellent tools for training operators on equipment. Understanding complex equipment does not require the memorization of text or terms to search by, a common hurdle for new personnel. The 3D models are clickable. Need to know about the battery compartment? Click it and all the information including links to references appear. Need to know which circuit board that is? Click on it. A high resolution image of the board appears, along with diagrams, part numbers, common faults and installation instructions.

Product Training

The best way to increase review is through repetitive sales. When your equipment fails to do the job you loose your brand, your customers and your future revenues. How many times is the equipment perfect but the operator flawed? If your customers can't operate your gear, you lose. If it does not work, it goes on the shelf and stays on the shelf. No repeat sales, no visibility in the marketplace. Your product training will promote future sales.

Poor Training  = Poor Operation = Lost Sales

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Black laser Learning® is the premier technical training company. We can apply our proven training methods to your products, improving reliability and reducing support costs. The programs can be interactive and include 3D animations as well as incorporate scoring for customers who wish to certify their operators.

Product Visualization

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From Cad files to a drawing on a napkin, Black Laser Learning® can create detailed 3D models, visuals, animations and videos. 3D modeling and animation allows us to show clients what a product looks like before it's made or how it works, using cutaway views and animations.


All of our training and 3D programs include sophisticated animations. Whether you are explaining complex concepts which cannot be video taped or need an animation to market your latest technological achievement, Black Laser Learning® can create an animation for your needs. Whether it is a simple cartoon-like diagram tracing a ray path through a thermocline or a Hollywood-quality rendition of your newest AUV, Black Laser Learning® creates advanced animations with your budget in mind.remus100 mid water 03

Using state-of-the-art hardware and software (HP XW9300 Dual Dual-core AMD Opteron 275 workstations and Autodesk's 3DS Max), detailed 3D models of shipwrecks and products can be brought to life. Once 3D models are created and the scene is assembled, it must be rendered by the computers as an animation. When rendering, the computer calculates all the elements in the scene based on a camera angle. The elements can consist of the models and animations, but also how the light, shadows, and colors bounce off each other along with reflections in metal or plastic, to the refractions in glass objects. For more realism, special effects can be added during the rendering process such as motion blur, depth of field, and light effects such as lens flares.

About Black Laser Learning®:

Black Laser Learning® is an education company specializing in distilling complex technological subject matter into easy-to-understand training segments presented live, by DVD or computer-based interactive training formats. Clients include the U.S. Navy and Marine Law Enforcement organizations.



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