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Black Laser Learning® takes the mystery out of advanced Humminbird® operation with easy-to-understand, in-depth instruction, helping operators excel by offering helpful tips on common issues as well as tackling more challenging topics. Whether you're operating an older 900 series or the latest Humminbird® SOLIXTM, Black Laser Learning's training products can make you a better operator with better and faster operational results.

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Lastly, I want to thank you for your class in Colorado Springs. I have been using the 900 and 1100 series Humminbird units since 2009 when I started my career. Your class has been the most comprehensive class on sonar I have ever attended. One of our Rangers, Daryl Seder, who also took your class had a successful recovery of a drowning victim with a Humminbird 1198 since taking your class. He went from knowing nothing about sonar to doing successful recoveries quickly after taking your class.

Joe Stadterman
Senior Ranger
Lake Pueblo State Park




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The most comprehensive training for 900 through 1100 series Humminbird® Side Imaging® sonars for Search & Rescue Professionals. Detailed image analysis techniques. Dozens of images including examples of drowning victims.

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