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New Humminbird® HELIX® SAR Training Video

“Great DVD!!” – Captain of a local fire rescue dive team If you’re a Search and Rescue professional, you know how hard it is to stay on top of important technology.  Whether you’re searching for a drowning victim or a snow mobile lost last winter, the Humminbird® HELIX® is a fantastic tool for underwater search operations.  However, if you don’t know…

800-1100 Humminbird Video-Additional Information

Thank you for purchasing Black Laser Learning’s® Humminbird® Training DVD (900-1100 Series). While we make every effort to ensure absolute accuracy in our products, even careful review can find we may have missed a topic or we later find a typo. In this section, we provide our customers with additional information and corrections concerning the Not in the Manual Guide® to…

Vince Capone presented on Apollo F-1 engine recovery at the Cosmosphere Space Museum

In 1969, the famous Apollo 11 mission landed the first two men on the moon. It was an enormous undertaking of men and machines. In 2013, a search expedition mounted by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, set out to find the massive F-1 engines from Apollo 11 near the Bermuda Triangle, in water depths of over 14,000 feet or 4,300 meters.…

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