Michigan DOT Utilizes Humminbird Equipped Sonar EMILY for Monitoring Bridge Scour During High Water Events-Press Release

    The challenges of monitoring bridge scour, especially during high water events have been made less daunting by small, agile autonomous surface vehicles (ASV). The Michigan Department of Transportation issued a press release describing the selection of the Humminbird® Sonar EMILY® ASV for monitoring bridge scour. The Humminbird data is received by a ground station in real-time for quality…

Black Laser Learning delivers annual side scan sonar training to U.S. and foreign navy hydrographers

The sonar screen displayed images of the sea floor as a dozen participants from U.S. and partner nations looked on. Every year, Black Laser Learning Inc. (BLL) conducts a comprehensive side scan sonar course as part of a six-month training program given by the U.S. Navy for U.S. and foreign navy hydrographers. The program, called International Hydrographic Management and Engineering…

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