Hydrographers Toolbox (Streaming)

This is a live discussion of the concepts and tools a Hydrographer uses to conduct single-beam and multibeam surveys. Since many hydrographers use acoustic sensors to work in the aquatic environment, we discuss some basic underwater acoustics. We talk about collecting data and how to determine the position of the data both above and below the surface. Our conversation also covers the tricky subject of geodesy and how to position data on the earth’s surface correctly.

This video series was designed to provide  basic to mid-level concepts of hydrographic surveying and sub-surface acoustics as they pertaining to hydrographic surveying and sub-surface sensor positioning. Modules include GPS positioning, basic geodesy, coordinate systems, single beam hydrographic surveys, and multibeam hydrographic surveys .  These videos are geared to the operator who require an understanding of  basic hydrographic principles. These Black Laser Learning Hydrographers Toolbox videos include both the GPS and coordinate systems videos which are offered separately.

Expect a completely updated version of Vince’s 2007 side scan sonar training video which will be a mission-based, basic through advanced, side scan sonar (Estimated 34 modules), and a Principles of  Marine Magnetometer Surveys (Estimated six video modules)  later in 2024.

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