Humminbird® HELIX® for SAR & Side Scan Sonar Image Interpretation DVD Combo Pack

Humminbird® HELIX® for SAR & Side Scan Sonar Image Interpretation DVD Combo Pack


Two of our most popular Not in the Manual Guide® DVDs for one low price!

     Humminbird® HELIX® for Search & Rescue Operations

     Second Edition – Side Scan Sonar Image Interpretation

Combo Pack – Save $30

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Pack Includes a Black Laser Learning Sonar Operator Patch

The Not in the Manual Guide® to Humminbird® HELIX® for Search and Rescue provides expert guidance for SAR operations from the planning stage through post mission analysis.  Includes everything from sonar theory, to how to optimize HELIX settings for recovery operations, to dozens of actual sonar images, including drowning victims.  The video also provides a quick guide to setting up the system for search OPS.

“It did a great job of explaining the settings of the Hummingbird Helix and how to optimize it for SAR!  We needed this badly and cannot wait to get out on our boat and make the changes!”

David Taylor – Captain  Parishville Volunteer Fire Company Dive Team 



What am I really looking at???

Crafted for the SAR professional, this video includes full chapters on how to identify a sonar image of a drowning victim, optimize search patterns and mark contacts for hand-off to dive teams.  The program explains how sonar images are generated, which objects reflect more strongly than others, why objects can appear to be where they are not, and how to tell if an object is actually on the bottom.  Plus, if you’re new to the system, the video provides step-by-step instruction on how to set up and operate the HELIX® unit.

“Great DVD!!” – Captain of a local fire rescue dive team.

If you’re a Search and Rescue professional, you know how hard it is to stay on top of important technology.  Whether you’re searching for a drowning victim or a snow mobile lost last winter, the Humminbird® HELIX® is a fantastic tool for underwater search operations.  However, if you don’t know how to optimize the system, your search efforts may not be successful.

To stay current on the equipment, you need fast, to-the-point guidance that you can rely on for a quick refresher when duty calls.  Black Laser Learnings’ new Not in the Manual Guide® to the Humminbird® HELIX® for Search & Rescue Operations quickly provides you with mission specific information. The video even includes a quick guide to setting up the system for drowning victim search OPS.

Unlike using a manual, this program provides a detailed look into using the system specifically for SAR professionals.  What are the best settings for a drowning victim search?  What does the down imaging view show me?


Over 1 hour of full color video, chock full of real HELIX® images and animations to better understand the training points.




HELIX Overview

Quick Start Guide

Controls and Menus

Side Imaging Sonar

Drowning Victim Search Ops

Marking the Contract

Survey Patterns


Not In The Manual Guide® Second Edition Side Scan Image Interpretation

The most comprehensive side scan sonar training tool available! The worldwide standard for sonar image interpretation with over 700 copies circulating in over 37 countries. A must-have for any sonar reference library. The 2-hour program covers every aspect of side scan sonar image creation and interpretation. There are dozens of detailed examples as well as training animations to explain those hard-to-understand concepts.

The program answers questions such as:

  • How to identify ghost images
  • Why do some sonar targets reflect better than others?
  • How does a hyperbola help detect targets?
  • How is the sonar image formed and what is the effect on target detection?

Hosted By: Vincent Capone, M. Sc. Master’s Degree in Marine Science with over 30 years of sonar experience. Sonar instructor for USACE, US Navy, US EPA and Allied Foreign Navies.

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes
Published: 2007

“When I got home this evening, I immediately watched both DVDs back-to-back, and they were wonderful! “

Dan Farnham, South Pacific Historic Aircraft Search OPS

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .5 in


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