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    • Humminbird® SOLIX® 10 / SAR HAWK® Software Accessory Package


      Humminbird® SOLIX® 10 Chirp MEGA SI GPS G2 with transom mount transducer SAR HAWK® target acquisition software 16 Gig SD card Waterproof 12-slot SD card case Both the SOLIX® and SAR HAWK® software are Proudly Made in the USA Free Shipping, Package Tracking **Offer only valid for shipments within the continental United States

    • SAR HAWK® Software


      SAR HAWK® software is the only highly automated professional Search & Rescue target acquisition and mapping program specifically designed to operate with Humminbird® sonar data. To see everything SAR HAWK® can do, visit the Black Laser Learning SAR HAWK® page, or see for yourself by contacting us at support@blacklaserlearning.com for a complimentary demo copy. Proudly Made in the USA Please contact us if…

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