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Black Laser Learning supports Cambodian demining efforts

The ravages of war that occurred in Cambodia from the 1970s to the early 1990s still leave an indelible mark on the country today. Countless land mines were placed during the Cambodian Civil War during the 1970s by the Khmer Rouge, the Heng Samrin and Hun Sen regimes, and millions of tons of bombs rained down on the country during the Vietnam War.

Though the bloody conflicts are long over, land mines and underwater unexploded ordinance (UXO) are still part of everyday life for Cambodians. These dangerous weapons of war continue to injure and kill.

Efforts to find and defuse land mines have been ongoing for several years. However, in the last decade, the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) was created to find mines, bombs, grenades and other military munitions in the country's lakes, rivers and streams. Its sole purpose is to provide extensive technical and underwater training to Cambodian volunteers so they can safely find, recover and relocate UXO.

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Apollo F-1 Engine Parts Now in Museum Display

Apollo Black Laser300

Historic Saturn V F-1 rocket engine parts that were recovered more than two years ago by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and an international team of experts, are now fully conserved and on display at the Cosmosphere International SciEd Center and Space Museum (formerly known as the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center) in Hutchinson, Kansas. The massive artifacts found in the Bermuda Triangle in over 14,000 feet of sea water, are tangible evidence of the first, second and fifth manned Apollo launches to the moon.
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Black Laser Learning delivers annual side scan sonar training to U.S. and foreign navy hydrographers

The sonar screen displayed images of the sea floor as a dozen participants from U.S. and partner nations looked on.

Every year, Black Laser Learning Inc. (BLL) conducts a comprehensive side scan sonar course as part of a six-month training program given by the U.S. Navy for U.S. and foreign navy hydrographers. The program, called International Hydrographic Management and Engineering Program (IHMEP), certifies participants through practical training and various marine science and associated curricula.

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Black_Laser St. Augustine shipwreck earns national historic status

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Black_Laser Interesting multi-uses, including EOD and MCM. Tech File: Hybrid AUV/ROV

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