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BentonCounty1Over a dozen personnel from six agencies gathered in Bentonville Arkansas for a Black Laser Learning/Dive Rescue International advanced Humminbird training seminar. Agencies from as far away as Iowa and Kentucky made the trip south for a weekend of intensive training.

Training started with a review of basic terminology, Humminbird functionality and sonar image analysis, followed by a day on the water, putting into practise the previous days classroom lessons.

Day 1 participants reviewed sonar technology and how to analyze sonar imagery. Day 2 saw the group out on the water, carrying out simulated field operations. A mannequin dressed in scuba gear acted as a surrogate drowing victim. In addition, different types of dive markers were tested for marking targets such as a drowning victims for follow-up recovery missions.

Over the course of the two-day-long event, participants had time to experiment with several types of Humminbird sonars, including the Humminbird 998, the 1097 Helix 9, Helic 10, the Humminbird 360 and the Onyx 10.

Special thanks to Benton County Dive Rescue for hosing the event, and to Advantage Solutions, Inc., for providing the classroom facility.

BentonCounty2Participants included teams from:
Henderson City Fire Department, Henderson Kentucky
Benton County Dive / Rescue Team, Arkansas
Hickory Creek Fire Department, Arkansas
Council Bluffs Fire Department, Iowa
Benton County Sherriff's Office, Arkansas
Beaver Lake Fire Department, Arkansas

Members of my fire department and I recently attended a Sonar class by Black Laser Learning's Vince Capone in Benton, Arkansas. Mr. Capone is a world-renowned Sonar expert that with decades of experience, which is evident in both his classroom instruction and in the field exercises on the water. I highly recommend this class to people of all experience levels. There is no doubt that Mr. Capone has the knowledge and expertise to teach Sonar operators of all levels, beginner to advanced, everything they need to know to take their abilitiesto the next level. 
Billy Schwartz
Henderson City Fire Department
Henderson Kentucky

Vince, thanks for the sonar class! The class was very informative and gave us a lot of knowledge about the Helix and Onyx 10 that we were not aware of! The hands-on work at the lake was most useful and will help us be a much better team when we’re in search mode. Thanks so much for the extra time you spent directly with our team to understand the differences between our different units! We appreciate it very much.
Rick Downum
Benton County Dive / Rescue Team

The total learning experience with Vince Capone from classroom to field training/learning was effortless, understanding how the unit works to application was very beneficial. 
James Alcocer
Benton County Dive / Rescue Team

It was exciting to move into this position and still be able to work with Vince. He’s towed side scan costing several hundred thousand dollars for various government agencies all around the world. There is no question that his knowledge and skillset is regarded as one of the best in the industry.
Tyson Alvanos
Johnson Outdoors

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