Military Sonar Training

Black Laser Learning provides the U.S. government with highly refined side scan sonar image analysis training.  Expertise in the military mission has been honed over many years of working cooperatively with many different units.

Our programs distill highly technical information into easily absorbed segments.  Animations and 3D interactivity engage participants, providing a comprehensive experience which enhances retention. Whether a unit is operating legacy towed systems or UUVs, we can equip the operator with mission critical skills.  The U.S. Navy proved there was a statistical difference in operator skills before and after participation in a Black Laser Learning training programs.

Black Laser Learning is providing the US Navy Naval Oceanography Mine Warfare Center Stennis Space Center (NOMWC SSC), Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), Naval Special Clearance Team -1(NSCT-1) and Mobile Diving & Salvage (MDSU) groups with sonar analysis training. Black Laser Learning’s Advanced MCM Post Mission Analysis (PMA) course trains side scan sonar analysts in advanced analytical techniques specifically for the military mission.  Advanced training includes individual PMA sessions and coaching with MK 18 sonar data.  The program is open to all DOD, DOD contractor, and civilian customers with the appropriate facilities access and security clearances.

“Your training has really turned things around. I can’t get into the specifics…………but your teaching really made an impact.”

LT “Wags”

Contact us to learn more about these programs or to request side scan sonar training at your location.

Note: Training programs containing sensitive material are only available to the US Government.

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