Not in the Manual Guide® To Side Scan Sonar and Magnetometer Surveys

The best introductory program for learning the principles of side scan sonar and magnetometer surveys. No other program provides such a detailed, step-by-step introduction to these technical subjects. Almost two hours of example data and animations detailing what sonar and magnetometer techniques can and cannot accomplish.

The program answers questions such as:
  • At what sonar range can you detect a 55-gallon drum?
  • Can you locate a wooden sailing shipwreck with a magnetometer?
  • What survey line spacing should you use?
Also includes a guest lecture by Dr. Timothy Bechtel.

Duration: Approximately 100 minutes
Published: 2006

"When I got home this evening, I immediately watched both DVDs back-to-back, and they were wonderful! Not only was I able to relate my own experience in side-scan sonar ops to the lessons being presented, I also learned a great deal on magnetometers." Dan Farnham, South Pacific Historic Aircraft Search OPS
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