large-997c si combo nvb 01Black Laser Learning® has developed a custom training program for Law Enforcement Fire/Marine Rescue teams who utilize the Humminbird® series of side imaging® fish finders. These less expensive systems can provide First Responders with a cost-effective solution for underwater search OPS.

SI Chart with AutochartThe system features the same style imagery as traditional side scan sonar systems along with many of the same image interpretation skills required for towed sonar systems. While cost-effective, there are certain limitations to its effectiveness.

The new Black Laser program trains team members how to minimize the limitations while exploiting the systems full capabilities. This training video is focuse don teh 900 through 1100 series Humminbird systems. Expert new training programs on the Humminbird Helix Summer/Fall of 2017

"Thank you very much Vince for the outstanding training. Our team learned more in your one-day class then we have in the last two years of reading manuals and trial and error."
Thomas J. Cooper, Director, Tyler County Office of Emergency Management

Training Gets the Best Performance from Your Humminbird!

Based upon Black Laser Learning, Inc.'s® highly aclaimed field training, the new Not in the Manual Guide®to Underwater Search Operations with the Humminbird® Side Imaging® Sonar is a comprehensive training program for the Law Enforcement/ Marine Rescue professional. This systematic look at using the Humminbird sonar for search OPS and victim recovery will detail all the skills required and provide exclusive drowning victim and vehicle imagery. The program focuses on the 900 and 1000 series Humminbird sonars. A new training program using the Humminbird Helix series will be available soon.

Questions such as the following are answered in detail:

  • Will the sonar see a target when it's directly above the object?
  • What does it mean when a target appears in the water column?
  • What range should I use?
  • What displays and colors work best?
  • What Does a Drowning Victim Look Like on the Side Imaging Sonar?

Two years in the making, the program also provides imagery of drowning victims and victim surrogates for comprehensive training. This program will inexpensively let you get the most from of your Humminbird® system.

"Great Video. Worth The Wait!" Sgt. Joe Brown, Lansing, MI


"It was important for us to have an instructor that could come to us and work with our equipment and in our bodies of water. After some searching, we came across Vince Capone of Black Laser Learning. Vince was very thorough and spent all the time needed to get us comfortable with our sonar. I am very comfortable recommending Vince Capone of Black Laser Learning."Patrick Jérôme, Medicine Hat Fire Department, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Humminbird Training Seminars

 Black Laser Learning, Inc.®  also provides highly aclaimed field training for the Humminbird sonar system.Learn how best to adjust and deploy your Humminbird for law enforcement,dive rescue/public safety missions.

The total learning experience with Vince Capone from classroom to field training/learning was effortless, understanding how the unit works to application was very beneficial.  

James Alcocer - Bneton County Dive/Rescue Team

New Training Videos!

Coming soon will be three new Humminbird® training videos. One specifically geared to Search and Rescue Operations with the HELIX. BLL will also HELIX Training Videohave a version for fishermen and the general user as well. Most importantly we will soon have a complete video of our two day training program including a student workbook.


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Not in the Manual Guide® To Underwater Search OPS with Humminbird® SIS


The most comprehensive training for 900 through 1100 series Humminbird® Side Imaging® sonars for Search & Rescue Professionals. Detailed image analysis techniques. Dozens of images including examples of drowning victims.

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