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Not in the Manual Guide® to Underwater Search Operations with the Humminbird® Side Imaging® Sonar (900-1100 Series)


Table of Contents

          • Introduction
            • How is the Humminbird Different?
          • Set Up & Installation
            • Optimize System Installation for Performance
          • Operations
            • Views, & Button Functions
            • Programing Hot Keys & Side Windows
            • Optimal Settings 
          • Interpreting Sonar Images
            • Basic Image Display
            • Range & Water Column
            • Gap Under Transducer?
            • Shadows
            • General Imagery
            • Drowning Victims
          • Marine Search Tactics
            • Where to Search
            • Search Patterns
            • Overlapping Data
            • Depth Limitations
          • Dive the Target
            • Tactics for Getting Divers on the Target
          • Processing Humminbird Data
            • Tracklines
            • Export & Display Sonar Data

View Chapter 1 of the DVD on Black Laser Learning's Vimeo site.

"Thank you very much Vince for the outstanding training. Our team learned more in your one-day class then we have in the last two years of reading manuals and trial and error." Thomas J. Cooper, Director, Tyler County Office of Emergency Management

Humminbird®- is a Registered Trademark of the Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.
Side Imaging®- is a Registered Trademark of the Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. 


Not in the Manual Guide® To Underwater Search OPS with Humminbird® SIS


The most comprehensive training for 900 through 1100 series Humminbird® Side Imaging® sonars for Search & Rescue Professionals. Detailed image analysis techniques. Dozens of images including examples of drowning victims.

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