Thank you for purchasing Black Laser Learning's® Humminbird® Training DVD (900-1100 Series). While we make every effort to ensure absolute accuracy in our products, even careful review can find we mayhumminbird-dvd have missed a topic or we later find a typo. In this section, we provide our customers with additional information and corrections concerning the Not in the Manual Guide® to Underwater Search Operations with the Humminbird® Side Imaging® Sonar.

Down Looking vs Echosounder ViewsHumminbird 3 beams

The Humminbird® system has three sonar beams, one looking straight down and the Side Imaging® beams looking left and right.

Humminbird® has two screen views for down looking aspects. The Down Imaging® view is a verticle presentation of one Side Imaging® beam while the "Echo Sounder" view is the true down looking, center beam of the system. The echosounder view is a true down looking representation of the bottom profile.


Hum sonar view

Throughout the DVD program we inadvertently refer to the echo sounder view as down looking. Down looking in true sonar terminology is NOT a side view but an echo sounder profile. In the program all references to down looking refer to the echo sounder view with one exception where we do show an actual Down Imaging® picture.



Missing Coordinates

During the coordinates discusssion we inadvertently left out the example of degrees - Minutes and Seconds (

The format would be as follows: 40o - 21 - 11.23

The same position in Decimal Minutes (dd - mm.mmm), more commonly utilized by mariners, would look like:
40o - 21.187.

New Training Videos 

Coming soon will be three new Humminbird® training videos. One specifically geared to Search and Rescue Operations with the HELIX. BLL will also have a version for fishermen and the general user as well. Most importantly we will soon have a complete video of our two day training program including a student workbook.

Important Trademarks

Humminbird®- is a Registered Trademark of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.
Side Imaging®- is a Registered Trademark of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.
Down Imaging®- is a Registered Trademark of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.


Not in the Manual Guide® To Underwater Search OPS with Humminbird® SIS


The most comprehensive training for 900 through 1100 series Humminbird® Side Imaging® sonars for Search & Rescue Professionals. Detailed image analysis techniques. Dozens of images including examples of drowning victims.

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Humminbird DVD Corrections

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