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Humminbird® revolutionized Marine Search and Rescue (SAR) operations by introducing an easy-to-use, low cost side imaging sonar. While geared towards the angler, SAR professionals and public safety divers soon adopted this economical system as an effective tool for locating drowning victims.

Until now, SAR operators were restricted to visualizing data on the Humminbird® screen, contending with glare and low resolution, or they were utilizing clunky software not designed for target acquisition, leading to inefficient post-mission analysis and report generation.  The solution, target acquisition software costing in the neighborhood of ten thousand dollars and up, is not a realistic option for most organizations.  It is a credit to SAR operators that they managed as many successful search and recovery operations as they did.  Unfortunately, for every successful recovery there are missions which do not locate the intended target. Cluttered bottoms or gaps in coverage are all too common problems which can lead to failure.

SAR HAWK® is an affordable version of highly automated professional target acquisition and data processing software exclusively for Humminbird® sonars, selling for less than $800. By simply opening SAR HAWK® and pointing to a sonar data file, the operator can review images, create data mosaics and coverage maps, select targets and more, all on a high-resolution monitor under the controlled conditions of the command center.

SAR HAWK Waterfall and Map Views

SAR HAWK Waterfall and Map Views

“The ability to review data under controlled conditions and ensure complete coverage are important concepts” stated Vince Capone, senior sonar instructor for Black Laser Learning which specializes in training sonar operators, “but professional software packages that allow the SAR operator to investigate and track targets and to provide coverage maps can cost $8,000 or more and most SAR organizations’ budgets don’t cover that. Another problem is that most SAR operators use sonar systems on an irregular basis, and need a system that is easy to use if you haven’t touched it for 6 months.  SAR HAWK® is both economical and easy to use.  We think it will take Humminbird® sonars to the next level for the SAR community.”

Visit the “About SAR HAWK®” page for more details.

” I can tell you that this software is lightyears ahead of other Humminbird sonar software.  In SAR HAWK I  can see details not visible on the Humminbird screen. ”       

Captain Steve Nagiewicz, Stockton University 

SAR HAWK® allows the operator to view the waterfall data on a high definition screen while also viewing the mosaic/MAP view and a contacts list. An ultra high definition TV brings out the amazing detail available from the Humminbird® high frequency data. 

SAR HAWK Shipwreck -Measure Frame 4 Inches

SAR HAWK® Shipwreck -Measure Frame 4 Inches


SAR HAWK® adds an additional layer of information with the ability to overlay colored depth information over the sonar coverage map.   Users can toggle depth information on or off depending upon their reporting requirements.

SAR HAWK SOLIX Mosaic with Depths

SAR HAWK® Map View with Depths, Side Imaging and Contacts


SAR HAWK Target Mapping and Report

SAR HAWK® Target Mapping and Report


SAR HAWK Sonar and Bathymetry

SAR HAWK Sonar and Bathymetry


Need more information? Visit our SAR HAWK® forum page.

Want to test drive the software?  Black Laser Learning can provide a fully functional demonstration version.  For a copy, e-mail us at Vince.Capone@blacklaserlearning.com.


Vince Capone is a side scan sonar subject matter expert recognized by the US Navy and the US Federal Court System. He honed his search skills hunting and diving shipwrecks as well as working as a consultant for the US Navy Supervisor of Salvage (SUPSALV). Vince has located submerged hazardous waste drums, shipwrecks,  aircraft, lost drones and anything else lost underwater. He is currently an instructor for the US Navy Mine Warfare Training Center. When not training US Navy assets, he applies that experience to helping Law Enforcement and SAR teams in mastering sonar technology and underwater search operations.

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