Interactive Marketing

Engage Your Customers! Static displays kill sales. You need to engage your customer. Compelling video, interactivity and portability are the new marketing paradigm. Let your customers vicariously touch, feel and explore your products, quickly and conveniently with interactive 3D marketing. Don’t wade through piles of text when you can point and click. Black Laser Learning® can deliver your product in…

Interactive 3D Training – Animations

Compelling video can communicate more information per second than than any other medium. Text and still images are limited in the information and concepts that can be quickly conveyed. Whether you’re training or marketing, you need to incorporate moving interactive imagery. In the marine technology world, getting the right video is a huge expense or even impossible, which is why…

Vince Capone presented on Apollo F-1 engine recovery at the Cosmosphere Space Museum

In 1969, the famous Apollo 11 mission landed the first two men on the moon. It was an enormous undertaking of men and machines. In 2013, a search expedition mounted by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, set out to find the massive F-1 engines from Apollo 11 near the Bermuda Triangle, in water depths of over 14,000 feet or 4,300 meters.…

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