Black Laser Learning Training Seminars

Black Laser Learning® Seminars

Whether training military units in the interpretation of sonar imagery for mine hunting, showing Search & Rescue groups how to find drowning victims or explaining marine technology to a group of students, Black Laser Learning’s informative and compelling programs are tailored to each audience’s needs.  Our instructors make complex concepts easy to understand and apply to each group’s mission.

Custom Training Courses

Black Laser Learning has developed user-specific seminars to focus on training utilizing examples and content pertinent to the participants’ mission. Training programs have been developed for the following sonar operators:

  • HMA HUEDS Survey teams
  • Navy Mine Counter Measure Units
  • Law Enforcement/Homeland Security
  • Shipwreck/Archaeological Organizations
  • Marine Rescue Units
  • Navy Mobile Diving & Salvage Units
  • Marine Survey Companies
  • U.S. Army Corps

Training Topics Include:

  • Side Scan Sonar: Operations & Data processing
  • Geophysics for Surveyors
  • Introduction to Synthetic Aperture Sonar
  • Introduction to AUV Operations
  • Single Beam Hydrographic Surveys
  • Magnetometer Operations
  • Scanning Sonar Operations
  • Image Interpretation and Mine Identification for Side Scan Sonar Operators

“Vince Capone’s practical approach to side scan instruction took the mystery out of both the theory and the application of these powerful surveying tools. During the week our faculty and staff spent with Mr. Capone, he demonstrated an impressive ability to enlighten the complete novice as well as to empower those with past experience toward greater surveying goals.”

Steve Evertt, Marine Operations Manager – Stockton State College


Humminbird® Sonar Training

The widespread adoption by the Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue and Civil Engineering communities of economical hull-mounted systems such as Humminbird® sonars has led to a demand for training.  Because the professionals in these organizations must master multiple skills, a critical component of the instruction is that it is direct, focused and easily recalled.  Black Laser Learning® has developed a two-day course which combines classroom training with real-world experience on the water.  Groups benefit from expert guidance while practicing in their environment, on their equipment.

“We have been using sonar equipment for almost two years with little to show for it until we took a class from Black Laser Learning.  The technical expertise and instruction was unparalleled and with attending a two day class have empowered our team to fully utilize our equipment and modify our operational guidelines to better serve our citizens.  I highly recommend this course to any water rescue team.”

Kurt Buhler – Lieutenant – Denver Fire Department


Keynote, Educational and Adventure Presentations

Vince Capone has spent a lifetime working on all the world’s oceans making discoveries and collecting scientific data.  He quickly engages audiences and has a natural ability to put everyone at ease.  From searching the open ocean for WWII submarines to working on remote lakes in Alaska, the audience travels along on unique experiences, all the while gaining an understanding of the ecosystems, cultures and history associated with these travels.  A self-employed scientist for over 35 years, Vince has a unique understanding of science, business and technology.

“The Mid-America Orthopaedic Association, whose members are orthopedic surgeons from the 20 midwestern states, engage a notable speaker for their Annual Meeting whose expertise is not in orthopedic surgery, but can enlighten our meeting attendees about something of great interest to a diverse audience of surgeons, their spouses and children, and guests. Vince Capone, underwater sonar explorer representing Black Laser Learning, met that challenge by providing an exceptionally entertaining and educational experience punctuated with adventure, exploration, history, science, and technology as he presented his underwater sonar expertise in ‘Submerged Treasures: A Quest of Serendipity and Perseverance.’ His was an account of real adventure and exploration in a world few experience, described in sight and sound which would captivate anyone at any age.”

Thomas L. Schmidt, M.D. – Historian – Mid-America Orthopaedic Association

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