Black Laser Learning Towed Side Scan Sonar Training


Black Laser Learning® has developed extensive and comprehensive side scan sonar training programs based on decades of field experience with most every manufacturer’s commercial sonar system, in water depths from one meter to over 3000m.  Our experience ranges from Law Enforcement operations and military missions to habitat mapping, shipwreck search OPS and small object, drowning victim and hazardous waste container searches.

Black Laser Learning has developed the most comprehensive sonar training programs available

We distill highly technical information into easily absorbed segments and engage participants in field experience, providing a comprehensive experience which enhances retention.  Our training methods include extensive use of 3D animations and graphics to explain concepts which cannot be filmed or directly observed, as well as hundreds of real examples from a wide variety of locations and environments.  The U.S. Navy proved there was a material, statistical difference in operator skills before and after participation in a Black Laser Learning® training programs.

Why Black Laser Learning?

Black Laser Learning is a marine technology education company specializing in distilling complex technological subject matter into easy-to-understand training segments presented live, by DVD or in a multi-media format.

Our founder, Vince Capone, is a 30+ year diver, 20+ year ROV pilot, and has over 30 years of commercial/military/Homeland Security side scan experience in most every environment with all types of sonars.  Field accomplishments include finding America’s oldest intact warship, locating submerged hazardous waste containers for the US EPA, and locating the German mine-laying submarine U-215.  He has worked with the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice, and assisted the U.S. Navy SUPSALV team to locate debris from the space shuttle Columbia.

Black Laser Learning has been engaged by the US Navy to develop side scan sonar training programs for and has trained Irish, Israeli and Korean navies as well.

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Examples of on-site training Black Laser Learning has conducted for diverse groups:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Underwater Recovery Team

For the Canadian Mounties who hosted a Law Enforcement training program for their underwater recovery team operating out of Winnipeg Manitoba, Black Laser Learning conducted a three-day side scan sonar training program which included an intensive classroom session followed up by two days operating in the field.  All participants were given the opportunity to operate the system under real-world conditions in their own area of operations.  After completing the course, the team reviewed results of the operations which included vehicle, weapons and evidence search OPS and developed new operational procedures for future sonars OPS.

US Navy Hydrographers Course Gulf Port

The annual US Navy hydrographers course prepares both foreign and domestic sailors to become the leading hydrographers of their respective navies.  The program covers positioning, single beam and multi-beam hydrographic surveys as well as side scan sonar operations and data processing.  Black Laser Learning provides the comprehensive side scan sonar section of the program. The classroom portion focuses on side scan sonar theory and image analysis while field operations focus on operating the Klein 3000 sonar.

NAVFAC Marine Technology Training

The Channel Islands off California’s coast provide a majestic backdrop for training naval personnel in all aspects of marine technology and surveying.  Vince Capone was one of several instructors providing groups of personnel operational training in various types of marine technology, from core sampling, penetrometers, ADCPs, and wave rider buoys as well as side scan sonar, magnetometers and subbottom profilers.  Vince taught the side scan sonar, subbottom profiler, magnetometer and AUV portions of the program.

Black Laser Learning Louisiana Law Enforcement Side Scan Sonar Training

Black Laser Learning conducted an intensive two-day side scan sonar training in Baton Rouge, LA.  The event was held in cooperation with the E. Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, with participation by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Louisiana Division of Fish and Game and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Day one included 10 hours of intense classroom study focused on sonar theory and image interpretation with special emphasis on locating and identifying drowning victims.  The combination of theory and field OPS allowed the officers to thoroughly understand the subject and then practice the field techniques.  The classroom also included a section on crime scene evidence collection.  A properly tuned side scan sonar becomes the underwater camera accurately mapping debris and other evidence that can normally take dozens of hours of dive time.

Black Laser Learning Completes Klein 3900 / Chesapeake Training at Stockton State College

Stockton State College advanced its marine survey capabilities with the procurement of a Klein 3900 side scan sonar system combined with a Chesapeake Technologies SonarWiz sonar software processing package.  Black Laser Learning provided three days of intensive training focusing on sonar theory and operation of the sonar system and Sonar Pro software, as well as an introduction into post-processing the sonar data collected during the field portion of the training utilizing SonarWiz.

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