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Black Laser Learning®, the world leader in side scan sonar training, will soon be releasing a series of new Humminbird® related training videos. These Not in the Manual Guide® Humminbird® training programs will provide in-depth training in DVD, download or rental formats.

Vince with Humminbird HELIX MEGA First up will be a detailed Search & Rescue (SAR) training program focusing on the Humminbird® HELIX. This program will provide detailed, step by step instruction on setting up the HELIX for SAR OPS, operating the HELIX and, most importantly, analyzing HELIX imagery with numerous examples of SAR related imagery.

If you're a team leader, or want to understand in detail how hull mounted sonars create sonar imagery, then you'll want to look at our Humminbird/Hull Mounted Sonar Video Training. This detailed video is a film version of our very successful 2 day training course. Included with the course or sold separately will be a student guide.

Filming took place in conjunction with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office with support from Humminbird.

Humminbird® Target Acquisition and Data Processing SoftwareSAR Hawk Software Yellow Logo web3

Do you need to review your Humminbird® data once you're off the water under controlled conditions? Does your headquarters require a report on the area searched? Have trouble with difficult to locate targets? Black Laser Learning now offers a Humminbird® target acquisition software dedicated to the search and rescue professional. SAR HAWKTM is a target acquisition software designed specifically for Humminbird® data and the search and rescue operation.



Currently Available Training Videos

Not in the Manual Guide® to Search OPS with the Humminbird® Side Imaging Sonar®: The Not in the Manual Guide® to Search OPS with the Humminbird® Side Imaging Sonar® is geared to the professional marine rescue team utilizing the Humminbird for drowning victim, vehicle and boat search operations. The program covers set up, operations and a detailed review of image analysis including dozens of images including drowning victims. The perfect training tool for the 900 through 1100 series Humminbird® systems.

Coming soon will be three new Humminbird® training videos:

  • One is specifically geared to Search and Rescue Operations with the Humminbird® HELIX.
  • One is specifically geared to Search and Rescue Operations with the Humminbird®SOLIX.
  • Black Laser Learning® will offer a version for fishermen and the general user as well.
  • Most importantly, we will soon have a complete video of our two day training program, including a student workbook. Col Springs boat on resivior web

Not in the Manual Guide® to Side Scan Sonar Image Interpretation: For towed sonars, the second edition Not in the Manual Guide® to Side Scan Sonar Image Interpretation provides insights that books and still images cannot deliver. Navies and hydrographers alike have incorporated the Black Laser Learning® training DVDs into their training programs. The 2nd edition Not in the Manual Guide® to Side Scan Sonar Image Interpretation is the best tool for new operators to quickly learn the basic principles of sonar images as well as elevate the understanding of experienced sonar technicians. The program combines hundreds of real world sonar images with animations and 3D diagrams to provide a sound understanding of the principles of side scan sonar image interpretation.

black laser worldsalesWith over 835 copies in circulation in over 38 countries worldwide, Black Laser Learning's Sonar Image Interpretation program has become the world standard in sonar training.

Not in the Manual Guide® to Sonar and Magnetometer Surveys: The Not in the Manual Guide® to Sonar and Magnetometer Surveys presents a general overview of side scan sonar operations coupled with an extensive examination of the basic principles of magnetometer surveys. Again, a balanced combination of real-world data, as well as animations and 3D graphics, provide the user with a unique perspective of the technology.  The Subbottom program does the same for those interested in subsurface marine geophysical surveys.

SAR HAWK TM- is a Trademark of Black Laser Learning, Inc.

Not in the Manual®- is a Registered Trademark of Black Laser Learning, Inc.

Humminbird®- is a Registered Trademark of the Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.
Side Imaging®- is a Registered Trademark of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.

HELIX®- is a Registered Trademark of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.



Lastly, I want to thank you for your class in Colorado Springs. I have been using the 900 and 1100 series Humminbird units since 2009 when I started my career. Your class has been the most comprehensive class on sonar I have ever attended. One of our Rangers, Daryl Seder, who also took your class had a successful recovery of a drowning victim with a Humminbird 1198 since taking your class. He went from knowing nothing about sonar to doing successful recoveries quickly after taking your class.

Joe Stadterman
Senior Ranger
Lake Pueblo State Park








Second Edition Not in the Manual Guide® To Side Scan Sonar Image Interpretation - On Sale $ 69.95

View Table of Contents                


klein rental bll

side scan sonar DVDOr buy Hard Copy DVD Here:


The most comprehensive side scan sonar training tool available!

Over 90 minutes of critical sonar training information. Covers every aspect of side scan sonar image creation and interpretation. Includes dozens of detailed examples as well as training animations to explain those hard-to-understand concepts. The program answers questions such as:

  • How to read a sonar image
  • How to identify ghost images
  • Why some sonar targets reflect better than others
  • How a hyperbola helps detect targets
  • How the sonar image is formed and the effect on target detection


"...truly amazing set of DVD's that have taught us so much!!!

Kevin Heath (Aviation Research Group Orkney & Shetland)

A must-have for any sonar reference library. 

Published 2007



Not in the Manual Guide® To Subbottom Profiler Surveys

View Table of Contents

Subbottom Profiler Training DVD

klein rental bll

Or buy Hard Copy DVD Here:


The best program for learning the principles of subbottom operations and data interpretation

The only subbottom training program currently available. Close to one hour of detailed explanations, starting with basics such as sound velocity and TVG, then moving into image interpretation.

The program answers questions such as:

  • Can you detect a shipwreck with a Subbottom Profiler?
  • Are all Subbottom systems the same?
  • How can you identify multiple returns?

Now Only $49.95

Published 2006

Not in the Manual Guide
® To Side Scan Sonar and Magnetometer Surveys

View Table of Contents    

klein rental bll

Or buy Hard Copy DVD Here:


The best introductory program for learning the principles of sonar and magnetometer surveys

Almost two hours of example data and animations detailing what the techniques can and cannot accomplish. A bargain at only $29.95.

The program answers questions such as:  

  • At what sonar range can you detect a 55-gallon drum?
  • Can you locate a wooden sailing shipwreck with a magnetometer?
  • What survey line spacing should you use?


"This is really good if you are new to the subject and as in my case, helped plug a number of holes in what I already knew, the content is quite thorough and explained in clear simple terms, lots of actual imagery, fantastic in some cases."

Frits Breuseker - The Sydney Project

Published 2004

Also includes a guest lecture by Dr. Timothy Bechtel.




All 3 Not in the Manual Guides®  

     • Second Edition Sonar Image Interpretation

     • Subbottom Profiler Surveys

     • Sonar & Magnetometer Surveys 


3-Pack Special  - Over $200 Dollar Value

For Only $124.95!





Not in the Manual Guide® to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles - Only $69.95

Black Laser Learning®'s Not in the Manual Guide® to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles is a comprehensive review of AUV technology and applications. Hosted by Dr. Art Trembanis of the University of Delaware, the program starts with basic definitions and concepts, building into a detailed discussion of vehicle capabilities, sensor packages, survey strategies, general field operations and risk management, provided in the visual richness you have come to expect from Black Laser Learning®. Whether you're contracting AUV services, managing AUV operations or new to AUV operations, this program will provide the detailed information required for a universal understanding of AUV operations and capabilities. 

The following customers have already purchased the Black Laser Learning® AUV program:

auv dvd jacket cover webUS Navy Naval Oceanographic Office          UTEC Survey

Qinetig North America                                   Royal Australian Navy

The Sound School                                         Offshore Geosurvey  

Phoenix International                                     MAR, Inc.

DRDC Atlantic                                                NATO Undersea Research Centre

Marine Institute of Newfoundland                  SAIC 

Brooke Ocean Technology

Singapore Defense Science and Technology Agency


Table of Contents               

AUV Guide - Contributors 

klein rental bll

Or buy Hard Copy DVD Here:


AUV Training DVD

New Humminbird Training Videos

HELIX Bridge Structure

Black Laser Learning® provides the most detailed and easy to understand Humminbird® side imaging® training videos available.

Our years of training Law Enforcement and the US Navy provides background not available in any other training.

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Black Laser Learning, Inc.

Black Laser Learning, Inc.® is a marine technology training company specializing in distilling complex technological subject matter into easy-to-understand training segments presented live or in a multi-media format.
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