2nd Edition Sonar Training Program

Second Edition Sonar Image Interpretation Training Program

Black Laser Learning® ‘s Second Edition Not in the Manual  Guide® to Side Scan Sonar Image Interpretation. This totally revised training program covers the basic principles needed to understand and interpret a sonar image on through advanced target recognition and ghost image detection. 

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to understand side scan sonar for the first time or a more experienced user wanting to enhance his or her skills, this program will definitely improve your ability to analyze sonar imagery.

The program includes dozens of images as well as 3D animations which compliment explanations and provide excellent visualizations of the sonar and sonar beam patterns.

“…truly amazing set of DVDs that have taught us so much!!!”  Kevin Heath, Aviation Research Group Orkney & Shetland

“When I got home this evening, I immediately watched both DVDs back-to-back, and they were wonderful! Not only was I able to relate my own experience in side-scan sonar ops to the lessons being presented, I also learned a great deal on magnetometers.” Dan Farnham, South Pacific Historic Aircraft Search OPS


With over 900 copies circulating in over 37 countries worldwide, Black Laser’s side scan sonar image interpretation DVD program has become the world standard for sonar training.

2nd Edition Published 2007.
1st Edition Published 2005.


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