SAR HAWK Surveyor

SAR HAWK Surveyor

SAR HAWK Surveyor

SAR HAWK® Surveyor is an advanced version of the highly acclaimed, easy to use, SAR HAWK® Humminbird data processing software.

SAR HAWK® Surveyor is specifically designed for the professional requiring the export of depth data in an XYZ format. The Surveyor version also produces and exports depth contours retaining all the functionality of the standard version of SAR HAWK®.

SAR HAWK® Surveyor has capabilities that surveyors, engineers and disaster response teams require to map water depths.

The Michigan DOT commissioned a study which rated the SAR HAWK® Surveyor software as the best option when combined with a Humminbird equipped ASV, in this case Sonar EMILY, for quickly and easily monitoring of bridge scour especially after, or even during, high water events.


Surveyor has all the functionality of standard SAR HAWK® software plus:

Exports XYZ in US State Plane NAD 83 or NAD 27

Exports XYZ UTM Coordinates with WGS84, NAD 83 or NAD 27 Datums

Auto Acquires Depth from Side Scan

Normalizes Water Fall Side Imaging for Better Target Recognition

On-Screen Numeric Depth Display with Cursor Hover


All for only $989




SAR HAWK Bottom Mapping

SAR HAWK Bottom Mapping

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