Shipwrecks, Submarines and Spacecraft – Untold Stories

Shipwrecks, Submarines and Spacecraft – Untold Stories

Shipwrecks, Submarines & Spacecraft: Untold Stories

Join US Navy sonar subject matter expert for the Vince Capone as he shares some of the behind the scenes look at his most unusual underwater adventures. How an advocational archaeologist teamed up with a group of divers to find America’s oldest intact warship, the Lake George Radeau. Finding the U-215. Sent on a secret mission to mine Boston Harbor only to disappear enroute. From the space shuttle Columbia To Apollo 11 the underwater search for submerged spacecraft. And what’s next? How will new technology change our exploration of the seas?

8 pm Saturday April 13, 2019 – Reservations Required Cost $50 All Proceeds to Charity

Location:Info Age Science & History Museum
2201 Marconi Rd, Wall, NJ
Vincent Capone

Vincent Capone

Vincent J. Capone, M.S., FN 89

Explorers Club Fellow and Citation of Merit award winner Vince Capone, started diving New Jersey’s shipwrecks in the mid 1970s and turned his love of diving and adventure into a career. A noted expert in underwater search technology Vince has found over 100 shipwrecks, a dozen or so aircraft/drones and even a submarine or two. He has piloted remotely operated vehicles (ROV)and currently works with some of the latest underwater robotic technology in the Navy MCM inventory.


His expertise in underwater search sonars and experience at teaching lead him to becoming a subject matter expert instructor for the US Navy in underwater search OPS. In his spare time he trains fire rescue teams and marine police in the use sonar for locating drowning victims and submerged evidence. He is the author and publisher of the Black Laser Learning series of marine technology training programs. Vince has taught at the University of Louisiana, Isle of Shoals Marine Lab and Dowling College as well as lectures frequently to both children and adults on marine topics. He was accepted as a Fellow into the Explorer’s Club in 1989 for his work on historic shipwrecks in Lake George and received the Citation of Merit Award as a team member during the  F1 Apollo rocket motor recovery from the deep ocean.

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