Black Laser Learning Designs & Delivers Custom Hydrographic Training to Navy UCT

Black Laser Learning Designs & Delivers Custom Hydrographic Training to Navy UCT

The US Navy Underwater Construction Teams (UCT) are known and respected for their ability not just to dive but to accomplish a wide variety of submerged construction projects, many of which require accurate hydrographic data (side scan sonar & bathymetry).

UCTs must have expertise in many areas and it is not practical for team members to be fully certified Hydrographers.  They do, however, need to be able to accurately collect critical hydrographic information.  Therefore, the UCT leadership approached Black Laser Learning (BLL), asking them to design a Basic Hydrographic Survey Technician Course which surpasses basic exploratory survey techniques, but does not require the months of training necessary to become a fully certified Hydrographer.

BLL assembled and delivered a comprehensive, six-day UCT Basic Hydrographic Technician Course specifically designed to complement the team’s current skills and equipment. “Our goal was to keep it as simple as possible but no simpler.  We delivered what a UCT team member required to effectively perform an accurate survey without unnecessary software or detail,” said senior instructor Vince Capone.

This beta course was trialed in December of 2018 at the UCT TWO facility at Joint Base Ventura County.  The training consisted of both classroom and field components.  Trainees were required to complete a final project, on which they were graded.

The course was well received and the trial hailed a success by both participants and observers.  BLL analyzed the final projects, trainee questions and very helpful participant/observer feedback to identify modifications to the course for future classes.

BLL would like to thank the UCT Team leadership, Alion Science & Technology and Orca Maritime for their assistance with the training effort.

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