Black Laser Learning® Releases 900-1100 Series Humminbird Side Imaging® Sonar Training DVD

Black Laser Learning® Releases 900-1100 Series Humminbird Side Imaging® Sonar Training DVD

July 20, 2013: Black Laser Learning, Inc.®, known worldwide for its in-depth sonar technology expertise and innovative training programs, today announced the release of the much-anticipated Not in the Manual Guide® to Underwater Search OPS with Humminbird® Side Imaging® Sonar DVD.

The launch of the newest DVD in the Black Laser Learning® library is in response to numerous requests for specialized training on the Humminbird® sonar system by law enforcement and other marine search and rescue organizations across North America, particularly with respect to the difficult task of locating drowning victims.

Fish finders and echo sounders have historically been used for this purpose, but they cover only a small area and produce down-looking profile images of structures that are not high quality resolution. And while more sophisticated side scan sonar systems have been used with very good results, they can be expensive to buy and require special skills to operate. The Humminbird® system provides an easier, low-cost alternative, especially in low visibility conditions, plus it covers a wide swath area with good resolution and can locate bottom structures, automobiles, boats and drowning victims. It is now considered a staple of shallow water search operations.

The new DVD covers the 900 through 1100 series, how to set up and operate the unit, understand and interpret imagery, plan and execute a search operation and how to dive the target. “While no DVD replaces field training, this provides a strong, in-depth foundation of knowledge for any aquatic search and rescue personnel on how the Humminbird® sonar operates,” says Vince Capone, Black Laser’s senior instructor who hosts the DVD.

The Not in the Manual Guide® to Underwater Search OPS with Humminbird Side Imaging® Sonar DVD is approximately one hour long and offers expert narration and top-notch Hollywood-quality animations. It sells for the nominal cost of $89.95 plus $7.95 standard shipping and handling within the United States. Chapter 1 can be viewed at Black Laser Learning, Inc.®‘s Vimeo site at

Coming soon will be three new Humminbird® training videos. One specifically geared to Search and Rescue Operations with the HELIX. BLL will also have a version for fishermen and the general user as well. Most importantly we will soon have a complete video of our two day training program including a student workbook.

Black laser learning also provides Law Enforcement/Public Safety Humminbird training seminars.

About Black Laser Learning: Black Laser Learning, Inc.® is an marine technology education company specializing in distilling complex technological subject matter into easy-to-understand training segments presented live, by DVD or computer-based interactive training formats. Our clients include the U.S. Navy and Marine Law Enforcement operations.



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