Apollo 11 Deep Ocean F1 Engine Recovery Presentation for Oceanography Midshipmen of US Naval Academy

Apollo 11 Deep Ocean F1 Engine Recovery Presentation for Oceanography Midshipmen of US Naval Academy

October 1, 2014
– US Naval Academy oceanography specialists will get an intensive first-hand look into the scientific and technological advances in technology which allowed Jeff Bezos’s team to recover Apollo F1 rocket motors from over 14,000 fsw. Operations Manager Vince Capone, a 30+-year marine scientist who worked on the 2013 Apollo F-1 Engine recovery expedition will be giving an in-depth animated presentation on November 6.

The presentation will go beyond the actual recounting of the expedition, delineating the technology and science behind the operation as well as interesting discoveries regarding the deepwater environment. The midshipmen will be exposed to technology and science pertinent to their future careers as Naval officers in the US Navy which is rapidly modernizing with advances in underwater technology.

High-definition images, video and 3D animations will bring the underwater world alive for participants. The Academy’s midshipmen will walk away with an appreciation for the state of deep ocean technology and how the US Navy can leverage technology to achieve their goals.


About Vince Capone & Black Laser Learning: Vince Capone is an expert in marine technology focusing on training personnel in the intricacies of underwater systems. He supports the US Navy MK 18 program as well as the Humanitarian Mine Action group.  He can often be found training college students or law enforcement organizations as well as giving presentations to audiences of all ages.

Black Laser Learning, Inc.® is a marine technology training company specializing in distilling complex technological subject matter into easy-to-understand training segments presented live, by DVD or computer-based interactive training formats. Our clients include the US Navy and Marine Law Enforcement organizations.

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