Apollo 11 Deep Ocean F1 Engine Recovery Presentation for Oceanography Midshipmen of US Naval Academy

October 1, 2014 – US Naval Academy oceanography specialists will get an intensive first-hand look into the scientific and technological advances in technology which allowed Jeff Bezos’s team to recover Apollo F1 rocket motors from over 14,000 fsw. Operations Manager Vince Capone, a 30+-year marine scientist who worked on the 2013 Apollo F-1 Engine recovery expedition will be giving an…

Vince Capone Featured Guest on CNN show Erin Burnett Out Front

Vince Capone was a featured guest on CNN’s Erin Burnett Out Front April 17, 2014.  The topic of the segment was the continued search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight #370.  With faint signals having been received from the missing airliner’s black boxes, the technology of the search has switched to side-scan sonar.  Vince provided valuable insights into that technology and his expectations on how…

Memorial Fire Station 89

Black Laser Learning, Inc. recently provided the Memorial Fire Station 89 Rescue department of Milford, Delaware, with training on the EdgeTech 4125 towed sonar system. The first day of the two-day training focused on understanding and interpreting the sonar image with instruction on set up and operating the EdgeTech sonar with the Discover Software later in the day. Day two,…

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