Not in the Manual Guide® to AUVs

Not in the Manual Guide® to AUVs

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Not in the Manual Guide® to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Black Laser Learning®‘s “Not in the Manual Guide® to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles” is a comprehensive review of AUV technology and applications. Hosted by Dr. Art Trembanis of the University of Delaware, the program starts with basic definitions and concepts, building into a detailed discussion of vehicle capabilities, sensor packages, survey strategies, general field operations and risk management, provided in the visual richness you have come to expect from Black Laser Learning®. Whether you’re contracting AUV services, managing AUV operations or new to AUV operations, this program will provide the detailed information required for a universal understanding of AUV operations and capabilities.

Join companies that have already purchased the Black Laser AUV program:

*US Navy Naval Oceanographic Office *UTEC Survey
*Qinetig North America
*Royal Australian Navy
*The Sound School
*Offshore Geosurvey
*Phoenix International
*MAR, Inc.
*DRDC Atlantic
*NATO Undersea Research Centre
*Marine Institute of Newfoundland
*Brooke Ocean Technology
*Singapore Defence Science and Technology Agency











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