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Vince Capone teachingSide scan sonar and more. 

Black Laser Learning, Inc.® is a marine technology training company specializing in distilling complex technological subject matter into easy-to-understand training segments presented live, by DVD or in a multi-media format. Our clients include the U.S. Navy and Marine Law Enforcement organizations.

Whether you are hunting shipwrecks, mapping shipping channels or working to keep America safe, you need top-level expertise from top experts who know how to train your personnel. Whether side scan sonar or other marine technology, we can provide your team with information to get the job done.

With over 30 years hands-on, real-world experience, we thoroughly understand our industry’s needs and requirements. Services include computer-based 3D Interactive programs, instructional DVDs, keynote speeches and training seminars. From side scan sonar and magnetometers to AUVs and more, Black Laser Learning® is your source for the best in remote sensing training programs. These programs are anchored by world-class animations and hundreds of data examples.

Can't afford to have instructors train your agency's employees? Black Laser's 3D interactive computer-based training is the perfect solution. We distill our noted technical expertise into a downloadable program requiring no special software. The program is interactive, requiring the participant to answer questions, not just click through a series of static pages. What better way to market complex technologies than have your product on screen with clickable interactive components. 

"With over 30 years experience, Vince Capone has developed a worldwide reputation as a preeminent capone marty klein weboperator of side scan sonar, sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers, remote operated vehicles and related marine survey equipment. He has the skills and dedication to get the finest possible results from every piece of equipment in the most challenging situations.

Vince has combined these capabilities with his considerable communication and teaching skills to produce outstanding training seminars and videos. His depth of technical understanding, his professional approach and his passion makes him well qualified for these endeavors. Everyone, from beginners to seasoned professionals, can benefit from his expertise."

Martin Klein
Founder and Former President
Klein Associates, Inc.

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Black_Laser Sonar Training Slots still available June 20,21,22. Black Laser 2 day trading w Klein gear on boat Seacoast CTR NH

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Black_Laser Got to see my good friend Marty Klein yesterday while testing a new sonar

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Black_Laser Underwater vehicles explore Franklin Expedition shipwreck

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Black_Laser Cosmosphere fantastic job restoring Apollo F1 engines recovered by Bezos Expeditions. Look frwd to visiting the team

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Black_Laser Klein Marine Systems choses Black Laser Learning to instruct June 20-22 sonar training. Open to all SSS operators.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 via Hootsuite


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Black Laser Learning, Inc.® has over 700 copies of the second edition Not in the Manual Guide® to Side Scan Sonar Image Interpretation in circulation in over 37 countries worldwide. This widely popular program has become the basic standard in side scan sonar training.

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