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Apollo F-1 Engine Parts Now in Museum Display

Apollo Black Laser300

Historic Saturn V F-1 rocket engine parts that were recovered more than two years ago by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and an international team of experts, are now fully conserved and on display at the Cosmosphere International SciEd Center and Space Museum (formerly known as the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center) in Hutchinson, Kansas. The massive artifacts found in the Bermuda Triangle in over 14,000 feet of sea water, are tangible evidence of the first, second and fifth manned Apollo launches to the moon.
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Black Laser Learning delivers annual side scan sonar training to U.S. and foreign navy hydrographers

The sonar screen displayed images of the sea floor as a dozen participants from U.S. and partner nations looked on.

Every year, Black Laser Learning Inc. (BLL) conducts a comprehensive side scan sonar course as part of a six-month training program given by the U.S. Navy for U.S. and foreign navy hydrographers. The program, called International Hydrographic Management and Engineering Program (IHMEP), certifies participants through practical training and various marine science and associated curricula.

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Apollo 11 Deep Ocean F1 Engine Recovery Presentation for Oceanography Midshipmen of US Naval Academy


October 1, 2014 - US Naval Academy oceanography specialists will get an intensive first-hand look into the scientific and technological advances in technology which allowed Jeff Bezos’s team to recover Apollo F1 rocket motors from over 14,000 fsw. Operations Manager Vince Capone, a 30+-year marine scientist who worked on the 2013 Apollo F-1 Engine recovery expedition will be giving an in-depth animated presentation on November 6.

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Black_Laser An excellent training with Dive Rescue International on Humminbird for Colorado fire rescue and underwater teams.

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Black_Laser Humminbird HELIX CHIRP MEGA Integrated into the EMILY rescue vehicle Hydronalix did great job on integration. Can't……

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Black_Laser Had a great time presenting on Apollo II F-1 engine recovery at the Cosmosphere Space Museum.

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