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Preparing for a day of Training w Suffolk County Marine PoliceThe Suffolk County Marine Bureau returned from a long day of sonar training on the Great South Bay. All the classroom theory learned in day one enabled the group to put the Klein 3900 side scan sonar through its paces.

The Marine Bureau uses sonar to locate drowning victims, sunken vessels and submerged evidence.


Black Laser Learning provided the customized two-day training at the Bureau’s Timber Point headquarters On the Water with Suffolk County Marine Policein Great River, New York. Over a dozen officers learned about the intricacies of sonar image interpretation as well as proper set up and use of the equipment.

Additionally, the instruction also enabled the group to refine standard operating procedures and develop a quick guide and checklist for the fast, efficient set up of equipment when rapid response is required.

"Your training on the Klein 3900 Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar on May 18 & 19 at our facilities not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Your review of the equipment and the associated software has brought our officers to a ready mission state," said Edward Vitale, Deputy Inspector, Commanding Officer, Suffolk County Police Dept., Marine Bureau.

Reviewing Sonar Data w Suffolk County Marine Police"All of the officers who attended the course have expressed positive feedback and feel much better prepared to deploy the equipment and understand the images being displayed. We look forward to meeting again in the future for training, assistance and the benefit of your considerable expertise in image analysis."

Working with Suffolk County Marine PoliceBlack Laser’s lead instructor, Vince Capone, commented: "It was great working with a highly-motivated group such as the Suffolk County Marine Bureau. It was an honor providing information and improving the skills of police officers whose job it is to serve the public every day." 

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